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An example of a really great website homepage for SaaS

Getting a website landing page right is a whole story on its own, and there are tonnes of pages of advice on guaranteeing leads on your squeeze pages for PPC and unique campaigns. But what about the humble homepage?

With our site, direct traffic to the homepage accounts for a really big percentage.

Getting the homepage perfectly aligned to say:

- What you do

-Why do you do it

-What it actually is

- Who else uses it (social proof)

...All while getting that all-important conversion into action?

It can be really tricky in a SaaS space. After all, every tool will probably have about 7 or more selling angles, whether that is by job role or product feature. In b2c there is browsing but there is more of a path of intent, a self selection through to 'shoes' or 'women's' or 'inspire me'.

When you look at B2B you have to really offer broad appeal, and it's much trickier than it seems.

I was very taken with this great work on a homepage by one of my favourite companies, TimeBro.

(They are probably the only company I would return to working as a sole employee for, I think they just rock.)

Anyway, I made a little video to show you how this works and why it's such a great homepage!


Elaine Keep


Your Marketing Managed

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