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5 minute strategies for b2b marketing - case studies

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Looking for strategies for b2b marketing that aren't as unflavoursome as your aunt's Sunday lunch? You're in the right place!

Today we are taking a look at case studies, which we would call 'b2b case studies' but really, most case studies are for the business buyer.

Here's why b2b case studies are great for your marketing strategy

- They are concrete, giving actual written down examples of how you did what you said you could do

-They usually come backed up with a customer quote or based on their actual project, which adds extra value and weight to what you are saying

-They tend to be pretty things, designed in a nice PDF that can be sliced and used across various channels.

They are what is known as MOFU content, or middle of the funnel. A person is unlikely to land on your site and start digging through your case studies just for the fun of it.

Instead, a case study in b2b marketing is hitting that spot when people are keen to hear a bit more. They want evidence, which puts them in the pile of 'a little bit interested.'

What's wrong with your b2b case studies and your overall strategy?

Not calling you out, unless the shoe fits - but here are some common problems.

1) The case study data is weak. 'The set up was easy and painless' - man, that is a really poor accolade. Data and numbers, percentages and ROI should be flying off your case study sheet.

2) The customers are grilled too early - "We really liked working with the team and think it's going to be great." That's not really a glowing accolade either. If you are in a rush to convert customers to case studies, it results in minimal actual data to work with and a lot of 'hopes'.

3) You ask all the basic questions, or don't get a copywriter to ghostwrite it. The very best way to get funny and interesting quotes from customers that make a great b2b case study is to get them written by a b2b copywriter first. Believe me, from working with around 50 companies big, bigger and even bigger and SME size, the only way to truly get a killer case study is to write it for them. You think CEO's have the time to make YOUR case study sound great? They don't give a single poop. Sorry. You aren't Forbes. You aren't Lois Lane interviewing them in a saucy little jacket. It's nice if they even reply but it's not in their interest to do so- so you need to take matters into your own hands. They proof and approve, but 9 times out of 10 you get a firm YES to what you propose.

4) You dump it on your website to die. No one is coming to your website after they have checked BBC news and Instagram. You need to steer them your way.

5) Poor promotion. Leading on from this, maybe you promote it on social media once with the following (or a variation of this ) 'We are delighted to welcome ACME INC who have seen sales increase by 14% using OUR SOFTWARE INC. Read more here."

Sorry, I slipped into a coma, did I miss anything?

Think Buzzfeed, think pausing the scroll. Go beyond what you've been given to work with and find out more about the company or what they are up to. Make them the star of the show. Then guess what? More people WANT to have a case study done. In fact, get a great headshot of them. Pay for a photographer, find a freelancer who can go in and take one. If you really think case studies work, why are you short changing them using something pixelated? Make it really premium.

Anyway, back to the presentation on social media.

How about....

  • Johnny Edwards, CEO Of Acme Inc, infamous pioneer of the phrase 'if it moves I can sell it' explains how even he was shocked with the 14% sales uplift from using ACME INC. Here's how he's going to get even more in 2022....

  • £29mn turnover - and ACME INC still used paper printouts until 2020! There's hope for us all. Read all about what they did to turn it around.

  • ACME inc just floated on the stock exchage. So why are they still choosing OUR SOFTWARE when they could pick 4 solid alternatives?

You need your b2b case studies to be written by a marketing copywriter.

Just to say that bit again. Let us create them something they sign off with glee, and have it converted into a punchy, interesting and engaging document the next week. You'll get a red hot reception to it instead of hounding your account management team to get another 16 limp, lukewarm versions by the end of the quarter.

You know it makes sense.

Want to write them yourself? Have a look at our b2b case study writing tips here.

About us

Your Marketing Managed bridges the gap between using a marketing freelancer specialising in one niche, and a marketing agency with expensive rates that might not execute on every idea.

It's a unique hybrid freelance/agency model - specifically for b2b - but that's a mouthful - so the name Your Marketing Managed fits the bill nicely.

Created from the concept of offering marketing agency services without London marketing agency prices, Your Marketing Managed offer b2b marketing strategy, which includes website copywriting services, blogging services, content copywriting, b2b email marketing and general 'b2b marketing / freelance marketing tasks in everything from traditional, digital and events.

You get the perks of the rates similar to a freelancer with the multiple skills and strengths associated with a marketing agency.

We charge on a project basis or a day rate, with lightweight contracts to suit both parties.

Your Marketing Managed was founded in 2017 and is run by Elaine Keep, a previous head of marketing for PLC and SME businesses in the areas of eCommerce, software and SaaS. Elaine is also the editor at the Incentive Marketing Association and Incentive&Motivation and a member of Wiin (Women In Incentives Network.

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