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Signs it's time to amp up your marketing

Updated: May 20

It’s time to take charge of your marketing as we all stumble back into gear after frankly, a shocking year. How can you know if it’s time to change your marketing strategy? Here are some pointers.

Declining rankings

Are you living and breathing Search Console? Understanding where and what you rank for is key to knowing where your gaps are, but even the best SEO strategies can benefit from some adjustments to maintain top Google rankings. A quick check can reveal your site speed, usability, stale keywords and stale content. We recommend Neil Patel’s free Ubersuggest tool to pick up more keyword insights. SEO Optimer (not a typo) is also worth a look.

Qualified traffic without conversions

If you find you are getting traffic from your campaigns, but no money in the bank – you need to focus on conversion rate optimisation. This starts with tracking user behaviour on your site so you can pinpoint exactly where the sales funnel is breaking down.

Updated content, easier navigation and changes to your shopping cart or checkout procedures can all help drive conversions back. We recommend Unbounce which helps you go beyond analytics. You can create and test landing pages, pop ups and sticky bars without the need for developers, and Lucky Orange, which allows you to pinpoint user behaviours on your website, to see where visitors are clicking, moving their mouse and how far down they’re scrolling on your page.

Flat social media

A sad three likes on a company page is worth no-one’s time. You need to pop some money behind your message, either with someone creating great content that stands out, or into paid ads. Remember: Social media platforms are businesses. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and every single other social media space wants to make money. When it comes to spend, look into ‘lookalike audiences’ on Facebook and a great tool for LinkedIn prospecting you may wish to look at is Zopto.

Limp leads

If you’ve had a boom of leads on email, social media or any other channel you may have consciously or unconsciously poured all your efforts into that area. Unfortunately, marketing means going after the shiny new thing, especially when it comes to channels. If leads are down – or even if they aren’t, diversify. That might mean something totally new for you like events, long form content and lead funnels or partnerships/ media spend and outreach in a new niche.

We hope that has helped draw out some ideas. Naturally a great marketing plan takes more than 500 words and a few tips, but we hope this kickstarts some ideas for you and your team.

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