• Elaine Keep

Case Study: onecode marketing launch

We are delighted to announce our work with a great client called onecode.

Over the last few months, we have been hard at work, teaming up with the design agency SevenSun to conceptualise and create a stunning B2B website (as well as redemption sites, login pages and PLENTY of other assets for them!)

They are a fantastic client to work with, with no limitations or restrictions on the marketing that works and just a dream to work with.

The website

The website itself is light and simple and conversion-focused, all about driving contact. Here, Elaine Keep discusses how the website was designed and the aims and goals.


The content we have used across social media includes paid ads, PR, video and is designed to spark interest! We've particularly enjoyed video marketing, paid ads and guest blogging to gain traction.

If you're interested in working with Your Marketing Managed, contact us today.

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