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5-minute strategies for b2b marketing -converting content into leads

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Did you know B2B blogs with educational content receive 52% more traffic than ones with promotional content? But why doesn't it always convert - and how long should you plug away on brand-building content that isn't focused on a sales message? How do you make it convert? After all, 74% of companies rate converting contacts and leads into paying customers as a top priority, with website traffic falling to second place.

We worked with a B2B brand that had some great content around a niche. They managed to create some content that answered specific questions on how to do their jobs better, how to save time and even money on their annual budget. Reports, graphs, it was great. The traffic was super. But leads? Not so good.

So what happens when you have good traffic, yet low leads?

Usually, when leads are low, this isn’t a delivery problem it’s either a content problem or a perspective problem.

If something isn’t getting people to sign up, there could be some issues such as:

1. They don’t know what you do

2. They think it’s not for them

3. They have objections

4. They aren’t in a position to buy right now

5. They are hate following you and will never buy

6. The content isn't great

Or it could be that you are being too hasty in your expectations for conversion.

Conversions take time.

  • Did you know that, on average, people read six user-reviews before purchasing software for their business?

  • That it’s not until the sixth follow up that the chance of an email response surges to 27%?

  • Or that 80% of sales happen between the fifth and twelfth contact?

They won't do that in one day.

Neil Patel puts it best:

"Conversion rates are notoriously low.

At best, 4 out of 100 people who visit your website will convert.

Just take a minute to think about that.

That means you have to pay to get 25 people to your website before even one person buys. And that’s on a good day. So what are you to do?

Try and increase that conversion rate by one percent, only to receive a few more sales for every 100 visitors?

I think there’s a far better solution. And its name is traffic.

Even with an unsatisfying conversion rate, you can increase your number of customers by increasing your amount of traffic.

Imagine you increase your website traffic by just 500 people.

If you have a 4% conversion rate, that’s 20 new customers or leads."

There are a few options.

1. Switch to sales content only.

This is not a great plan. It's like being shocked when people come to your house because you offer them free biscuits, and then get annoyed when they don’t really want to buy your biscuit making machine.

So you get rid of the free biscuits. You then stop getting people coming over. You shout from your door about your biscuit making machine, and a few might wander over, but without your free biscuits, they aren’t very interested in showing up – and your shouting looks a bit weird.

A year later, a friend of a friend does want a biscuit making machine, but the person they ask can't remember anything about you.

2. Keep going as you are

You can keep going with no changes and just wait for the tide to turn. This is an investment in time and money. You might be paying someone to be creating all your content like your videos and your reels and your social media marketing. That has a cost. It's a hope!

3. Focus on driving more traffic, and also tweak to encourage conversion

This is the part where content writers and marketers diverge. You can write great content but not give a fudge about conversion. You can be great at marketing but rubbish at content.

The sweet spot to get yourself in as a B2B selling business is having a blend.
A focus on LOTS of traffic + Great Helpful Content + Great Delivery = Great Conversion from content into leads.

Is there a way to hack conversions?

- Make calls to action to really exciting

Don’t save a dreary ‘speak to the team’ to the end of a great blog. Pepper them within the content. Video links, examples, links to your other blogs, more to drive them deeper into your world.

What is the most relatable thing you could add to your content that would make you click further in?

- Tackle objections

Writing a guide on how to get your business ready for a valuation? Overcome objections. Promise a 4-minute speed valuation over zoom. Give them a messenger link. Ask them to guess their business price and see if they are right. Make a bet with them. Give them a coffee if they are right.

- Make the lead less invasive

Calendly is great but people don’t want to fill a day with meetings. They want to see what the tool does, its cost and they mostly need a brief proposal. Offer your demo, but also give more options. Brochures, videos, podcast links, the lot. The hypothesis that a click is only valid on a 'book a demo' is your fallacy, and it may cost you.

Adjust your b2b strategy so it your brand building activity starts to generate more leads.

Let us create your strategy to turn your b2b marketing into something that caters for long term, and short term.

You know it makes sense.

About us

Your Marketing Managed bridges the gap between using a marketing freelancer specialising in one niche, and a marketing agency with expensive rates that might not execute on every idea.

It's a unique hybrid freelance/agency model - specifically for b2b - but that's a mouthful - so the name Your Marketing Manged fits the bill nicely.

Created from the concept of offering marketing agency services without London marketing agency prices, Your Marketing Managed offer b2b marketing strategy, which includes website copywriting services, blogging services, content copywriting, b2b email marketing and general 'b2b marketing / freelance marketing tasks in everything from traditional, digital and events.

You get the perks of the rates similar to a freelancer with the multiple skills and strengths associated with a marketing agency.

We charge on a project basis or a day rate, with lightweight contracts to suit both parties. Your Marketing Managed was founded in 2017 and is run by Elaine Keep, a previous head of marketing for PLC and SME businesses in the areas of eCommerce, software and SaaS. Elaine is also the editor at the Incentive Marketing Association and Incentive&Motivation and a member of Wiin (Women In Incentives Network.

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