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How to spark creativity for your social media posts

It can be hard to get creative on social media. Taking your marketing to a marketing outsourcer is a great way to get a new fresh pair of eyes on your material, but in the long term even we need to get back to basics.

We don't know everything - and great ideas are always borne from something else.

That's why we often take inspiration from other people.

Sometimes our ideas are totally unique.

Like this below - we loved creating something that everyone could resonate with.

Other times, we need that spark of creativity and a great way is to see what other people are doing - NOT in your niche but across a very broad range.

Selling software? You can take learnings from the simplicity of an email from ASOS. Selling fire safety tools? Why crowd your message when you could pick out a 5-word sentence that says exactly what you need, just like the brand selling fitness watches?

Peering into eCommerce, b2b, b2c, crypto, training, coaches can all give you interesting angles you can take for yourself.

Why this is a helpful way of working

You'll see (especially at this time of year) a lot of posts about '24 hours for your social media posts' that say things like

  1. Introduce the team

  2. Do a did you know post...

This can be helpful, but often means you have to write something, and still lack the bit you need - the HOW. How will your audience get anything from that message? How will you deliver the news of your team and make it interesting and stop them scrolling?

If you work at look at the marketing and advertising that has worked (by getting you to pay attention) you then have a new angle - recreating the 'soul' and 'bones' of what worked, and applying it to your sector. You also now have a baseline that can be used to communicate to designers or developers, which is a very handy way of getting you on one page.

When you have the images and the core message in mind first you automatically start from a point of focusing on the visual delivery rather than the 'message type' you can start to create a pack of social media updates that cover all sorts of areas.

It's not theft, or stealing ideas, and we don't condone that. It's the difference between wearing the whole mannequin's outfit, or taking the scarf and restyling it with your existing wardrobe - or thinking - hey, instead of a scarf - I could add a hat.

Here's a quick video on how to do that with Canva and your smartphone.

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