• Elaine Keep

Using Canva to create a promo video in 2 hours

If you've ever had a new feature go live, a quick rush to promote something and a graphic just won't tell the story - you need a very fast video expert on hand, or access to Canva and a bit of time!

We like to be prepared, but plans change. When one of our valued clients wanted a new video on a same day turnaround to get out on social media, we had to think on our feet!

Canva is a nifty little tool that allows anyone the ability to make videos, and for marketing teams, it can really bridge a gap. Even if you are a business owner, I promise you that you can use this tool if you are in a bind.

While the finished project isn't as premium as it could be, it met the needs of the client and on social media we picked up over 3000 views in the same day and booked demos of the new feature instantly.

Video has the capability to go very fast, very quickly!

Elaine Keep,


Your Marketing Managed

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