A taste of what we offer.

Your Marketing Managed is a flexible Marketing Communications Agency, which means we’ll do whatever it takes to get you noticed by all the right people. Whether through strategic targeting, multimedia placements or events, we have the tools to make our clients stand out. Check out all our services below.

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Email marketing

Designed, coded, optimised and sent for you

From a newsletter to a solus email for a publication or keeping in touch with your database or pipeline, we've got the concepts and ideas as well as the designers and coders needed to make it happen. We can turn around beautiful campaigns in under a week, no problem.

Blogs and Whitepapers

Content marketing done the right way

We are laser focused on increasing brand awareness and promoting impactful stories through blogs, guest blogs, whitepapers and rich pillar content. Let us handle the research, topics and delivery direct to your CMS.

Travel Blogs
Trade Show Hosting

Traditional marketing

From events to direct mail

We've been in marketing for over 14 years in senior roles, so we know traditional has its place. We offer services such as event attendance, stand set up, presentations for speaking slots, concept and creation of physical marketing and more.

Marketing planning and strategy 

Plot your tactics and strategy

We make sure no detail is overlooked, from content creation to costs, creating a scheduled, shared document that lives within your business. You'll see at a glance what campaigns are running, get stats and results and identify opportunities you may have missed.

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Get talked about for the right reasons

We create stories that promote your brand and your news. Reach niche and trade press with our PR expert on hand to guide you. A published expert and previous journalist, he has all the tricks of the trade to share.

Social Media Management

We speak as you

We work across the main business platforms of Facebook, Linked, Twitter and Instagram to reach the most likely buyers. We can speak as your sales team, CEO or the company, creating updates, graphics and likeable videos and articles that get shared and grow your presence.

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Those fiddly tasks

We've been there, done that.

Do you need to export data into your email system? Need light marketing admin? Perhaps you need bios or a brand story or mission statement. We can help.