Freelance, outsourced marketing support for your b2b content marketing 

We specialise in content marketing support. Blogs, whitepapers, strategy, straplines, social.  If it's got words in it - we're interested in getting it written, seen and actioned. 

We bring over 14 years full-time marketing experience, working with brands you know. 


A message from founder, Elaine Keep

Learn why I started Your Marketing Managed and the difference between us and agencies and freelancers in this quick personal video.

Whether you’re an SME or an established enterprise with a need for freelance marketing expertise and support, we can help you. 


A Few Clients We’ve Worked With



Leading EU Proptech


Simply Thank You

Reward Software



SaaS for stakeholder engagement



Sustainable Supply Chain Software

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B2B Independent marketplace

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 11.46.13.png

Smiths News PLC

B2B Logistics


GO Outdoors

The UK's largest outdoor brand

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Gifted To You

B2B employee reward


Access People

HRIS Software



eCommerce holidays



Rewards platform




collection pot logo.png

Collection Pot







Loyalty and CRM


SVM Global

Gift Card Platform


RL Consulting

Gift cards



B2B safety



Employee reward


Business Growth Insitute

Financial Services



Employee Engagement


Love2Shop Business

Reward and Recognition



OMS for eCommerce and 3PL



SaaS Email Marketing


Content writing that won't gamble with your reputation

We know the feeling of looking for website copywriting services, a hand with your SEO copywriting or simply trying to find a professional that isn't just working from a fancy London agency. It's frustrating. Your choices seem to be paying a fortune, or turning to a cheap freelancer platform. We offer another solution. Fast, interesting, great copy that converts, written by us, unique to you.

Perhaps it's video content, brochure and printed content or award entries? 

We’ll plan, research and write content for you, from blogs and articles through to scripts and guides and whitepapers - all with a view on conversions. 

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Content for the age of digital 

If you want new leads, to improve your pipeline or enhance your brand, email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing and having a killer overall strategy should be on your agenda. We’ll plan, create, design code and send engaging email marketing campaigns, solus or media emails, script your videos and craft your campaign attack whether that's through PR, influencers or something totally new.

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When it comes to the strategies for b2b marketing that are proven to work - the proof is in the pudding.


We have been delighted with the work on undertaking blogs, social media and SEO work for us as well as PR activities. A great way of writing and an in-depth knowledge that we rely on. Thank you.

Wendy Carter, CEO, Collection Pot

We have been thrilled with the diversity of content, from videos and whitepapers and site work, all promoting our new software solution. We've had more progress in just a few months than we've had in years.

Colin Eglington, CEO Simply Thank You

They are so responsive to requests and very driven to achieve our marketing goals and objectives through great content. We are now reaching a larger audience with a stronger market position and more demonstrations via social, email marketing and other channels. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Suzanna Mavity, Director, Acaboom

I loved the creative team at Your Marketing Managed, who had the most creative marketing ideas and concepts for us. They always delivered and have been a pleasure to work with, enhancing our TrustPilot and helping us go after new business.

Maxine McCallum, Sales Manager, XDP

Your Marketing Managed played a vital role in the reengineering of the Tuffnells website and injected a fresh new look and brand tone as well as managing some complex webdev changes, alongside this, they stepped into the new trade PR needs for the business and brought copywriting skills to the fore. They bring marketing to life.

Freda Cronk, Head of Marketing Tuffnells

Your Marketing Managed helped us to craft an extensive series of promotional emails for use by our sales team when nurturing relationships with prospects. These emails have dramatically improved the way we present our broad array of services to those who may be unaware of everything we do. They also scripted an excellent guide to help improve our credibility in a particularly specialist field, which has been downloaded extensively from our website. I’ve been very impressed with the quality of content generated and will definitely use the services again in the future.

Darren Tracey, Love2Shop Business

Your Marketing Managed created a full suite of marketing communication for us and dramatically improved our social media and email engagement rates with prospects and partners. The work on automated emails, alongside event marketing and expertise across the whole ‘marketing mix’ put us in a fantastic position to serve our existing customers and target new business. I would not hesitate to recommend.

Damon Bullimore, CEO, BriefYourMarket

We’ve been using Your Marketing Managed to help write content for our blog and they are fantastic to work with. The speed is outstanding, all I need to do is issue a quick brief and the work appears in my inbox a couple of hours later. I would thoroughly recommend their services.

Fred Guilliford, Marketing Lead, Commonplace

They have worked on all aspects of the Lavish brand, from SEO and copywriting and site development to social media management and influencer outreach. The expertise has been invaluable to us.

Katrina Dunne, Director Lavish

A genuine pleasure to deal with, as well as producing such brilliant, comprehensive and prompt work. We always say that we only like doing business with good people at Motivates, and they really are up there. Whenever there’s the chance we really look forward to commissioning and seeing the results.

Andy Ling, Director, Motivates

They are incredibly focused on us as a business, understanding us instinctively. The creativity, especially in copywriting, means they always have fresh new ideas, often thinking about things differently but with a clear focus on return on investment. The team have been working with us to grow the business, and we look forward to continuing this engagement.

Mark Aubin, Marketing Director, Tractivity


Request our case studies or portfolio

If you are interested in a copy of our portfolio, including copywriting samples, proof of ROI and real life examples - get in touch!

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How do we charge? 

Every client is different. Here are some of the key ways businesses work with us to give you an idea. 

Client 1 - Product Pricing: Requests 2 blog posts a month at an agreed rate. Blogs are delivered each month - and the rate never goes up or down. 

Client 2 - Monthly Time Cap Pricing - Uses us for a set amount of hours, every month on many varied tasks. The invoice rate is capped at the top end, but may be less than the 'budgeted hours'. 

Client 3 - Retained Pricing - This client requires advanced consultancy and as such pays a small monthly retainer to retain our premium service, and an hourly rate for each task, tracked with a timesheet. 

Client 4 - Sprint Project Pricing - This client has around 6 campaign projects over the year. We charge a day rate to complete these small sprints of work, agreeing on the budget before we begin, scoping the work ahead of time. 

As you can see, we are very flexible and can charge an hourly or day rate, or work on unlimited projects to a set amount of agreed hours with simple, mutually beneficial lightweight contracts to match.  

Effective marketing requires an expert touch, and that's the marketing we deliver.


Over to you  - reach us today

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